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6 Vicious Ransomware Threats that can be Dangerous for Businesses

Malware threats are constantly evolving and are becoming more dangerous every passing day, making it more difficult to protect your data. One type of malware threat is ransomware, which has plagued and caused severe damage to businesses in recent times.
For those who don’t know, ransomware is a type of malware that threatens to block access to your computer data by encrypting it until you pay a ransom fee. In other words, hackers will have full access to your business information, while you’re completely locked out of your infected computer.
Speaking of these threats, there are several variations of ransomware out there and you need to be aware of them at all times.
In this article, the experts at Redpalm have put together a list of different types of ransomware threats that your business needs to avoid to keep your data protected.
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1. Clop Ransomware

Clop is one of the latest and most dangerous ransomware, it encrypts your files until you pay money to the hackers. It’s a variant of the CryptoMix ransomware and is often known to target Windows users.
What’s more, Clop can block over 600 processes and disable several Windows 10 applications, like Windows Defender. This means you won’t have any opportunity to secure your data.
To find out more about this type of ransomware and how you can steer clear of it, give this blog a read.

2. Fake Windows Updates

Recently, there’s been an influx of business emails instructing you to install Windows OS updates urgently with an attachment. These emails are ransomware files in disguise and are made to trick you into installing them, instead of an actual OS update.
The ransomware in these emails is termed “Cyborg” and it can encrypt all of your files and programs without your knowledge.
Unfortunately, basic antivirus software can’t detect and block these types of phishing emails. Therefore, you need one with proper internet security to protect you from these attacks.
At Redpalm, our team of IT experts have the knowledge and experience to deal with such issues. Not only that, we can also help you to protect your data at all times and vigilantly monitor your IT infrastructure.
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3. Ransomware as a Service

Ransomware as a service or RaaS has gained popularity over the years in the hacking community. This is a type of service where people who don’t know how to execute proper ransomware attacks, hire hackers to attack other computers.
It’s a dangerous threat for businesses who have several rivals with bad intentions. 
Unfortunately, the RaaS industry is also growing rapidly, showing how easy it can be to infect businesses, despite the attackers having no previous knowledge.
In order to avoid being a victim of these types of ransomware attacks, it’s crucial that you team up with a professional IT company like Redpalm. Not only will our experts monitor your system, they will also offer solutions to improve the overall security of your business.
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4. NotPetya

Many consider this ransomware software as one of the most dangerous malware attacks on the Internet. This is because it has a record of infecting the master boot record of a Windows-based system, leaving users with no way to access their account.
Moreover, it demands payment in Bitcoin to undo any damage done by them on your computer. However, it’s known to be a wiper and in many cases, you can’t make changes to the master boot record, making the system unrecoverable.

5. Bad Rabbit

Bad Rabbit is a virus that spreads as a result of downloading a fake Flash player update. The virus attacks the system with a drive and denies users from accessing any data until they pay money to the hackers. Only when the money is paid does it decrypt the data and give users back their business information. 
This ransomware shares similar code and exploits with NotPetya and when it was used, it mainly targeted media companies in Russia and Ukraine.


WannaCry was designed to exploit a security vulnerability in Windows OS and affected over 230,000 computers worldwide. What’s more, this ransomware attack affected businesses in 150 countries in 2017. This led to businesses collectively losing millions of pounds from data breaches.
One of the worst affected places by this ransomware attack was the NHS hospitals in the UK, causing damages worth 92 million pounds. The main reason behind this was because their computer systems weren’t updated regularly.
WannaCry only affected outdated systems, as the hacker exploited an operating system issue that was fixed way before these attacks took place. While being attacked by WannaCry, you can’t access your system until you pay the ransom in Bitcoin.

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Now that you’re aware of the different types of ransomware attacks that your business could face, it’s time to protect yourself by strengthening your existing security and IT infrastructure.
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