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Cyber Security Awareness Training – Our Brief Guide

In our previous blog, we discussed the threats your business might face from ex-employees and the importance of off-boarding.
Now, while it’s true that ex-employees pose security risks, did you know that 90% of cyber attacks are a result of human errors caused by your current employees? This stat however, isn’t surprising at all because 61% of your employees would fail a simple cyber security quiz!
Having said that, even if you do have some of the best security measures installed, your employees are highly likely to be a threat to your business’ data security. After all, it only takes one click on a malicious email to grant access to cyber attackers, enabling them to penetrate your IT infrastructure and get hold of confidential information.
There are, however, ways to stop that from happening, and one of them is conducting cyber security awareness training in your business.
Read on to find out what cyber security training is and how it benefits your organisation. Before that though, let’s take a look at the two most common attacks your team is vulnerable to.

2 Common Cyber Security Threats Your Employees Are Exposed To


1. Email Phishing

One of the most common and damaging attacks, email phishing is used by hackers to ploy your employees into sharing sensitive business information. Usually, through this attack, cyber criminals mimic a legit sender and make use of malicious forms, links or downloads to gain access to your systems.
At the very core of it, email phishing preys on your staff’s vulnerabilities and willingness to ignore essential details to get their job done. This is one of the reasons why these attacks are often successful.
Click here to learn about the common types of email scams your employees could face.

2. Insider Attack

This is another common cyber security threat that is caused by the actions of your employees.
Basically, through an insider attack, cyber criminals can gain easy access to your critical information and cause damaging effects to your business through malice or greed. What’s more, this type of cyber threat can put your employees at risk, whilst also resulting in financial damage to your company.
To find out more about the different types of insider threats and how to prevent them, give this blog a read!
While these are just two of the most common attacks, there are more such threats that you need to be aware of. Moreover, you need to ensure that your team has the required knowledge to spot and ignore these issues, and the best way to do this is through regular cyber security awareness training.

But, What Exactly is This Security Awareness Training?

Put simply, effective cyber security training for employees is one way to educate them about the array of security threats out there and how they can be avoided.
At Redpalm, not only can we help you with the right IT solutions but also quickly roll out security awareness training throughout your company. We also make sure that our training includes concise videos, covering every threat from insider attacks and email phishing to malware threats and social media scams.
With the help of our cyber security awareness training guide, you can keep your staff updated about the latest cyber threats, whilst also teaching them how to prevent it from causing damage to your business.
You can conduct these training sessions on a regular basis instead of completing them in one go. This way, you can ensure the sessions are quick and pain-free.

Cyber Security Training – What Are the Benefits?

Here’s how your business can benefit from regular training sessions:

  • Improves the cyber security awareness of your employees and protects your organisation from potential attacks.
  • The training is concise and quick, meaning your team won’t have to take time away from their daily schedule.
  • You can easily roll out these sessions in your company.
  • You’ll get to assess the cyber security awareness of your employees in real-time.


Contact Redpalm for Professional Cyber Security Awareness Training

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