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Why Should You Leverage Cloud Managed Services in 2023

As cyber threats become more and more organised and sophisticated, businesses need to take the right precautions to protect themselves. Rapidly reaching a global audience with their online presence, lots of businesses today possess a large amount of sensitive data.

The loss of important data can cause major hindrances to the day-to-day functions of a business, leading to the loss of potential revenues. 

Moreover, this data, in the wrong hands, can put a business in great danger while also endangering everyone associated with the organisation. Therefore, it is incredibly essential to protect and manage data in order to ensure optimal business performance.

On the other hand, if your business generates large amounts of data every day, the next question that arises is where you should store all of it. The answer is, on a cloud. 

However, while you make a shift to the cloud, how can you make sure that your data is secure, organised and properly managed for easy access? That’s when you should turn to our efficient cloud managed services

Now, if you don’t know much about the concept, let us tell you everything that our cloud managed services entail. 

What is a Cloud Managed Service?

With a number of services including offsite data backup, migration, security and maintenance, our cloud managed services involve the management of a business’ cloud infrastructure. These services are usually outsourced by businesses in an attempt to adapt expert data management and security practices.

By properly analysing your business processes, we can help identify the best cloud resources for your IT infrastructure. Later on, based on the services you require, we will create a custom plan to help you manage and protect your cloud environment more efficiently.

Let us now take a look at some of the benefits of outsourcing managed cloud services.

5 Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

1. Saves Time and Money

Managing and maintaining your own servers and data includes making an investment in a number of resources, like equipment, human resources, utility bills, etc. 

This can not only prevent your IT team from focusing on tasks essential to daily business processes but can also come with a ton of unexpected expenses. When you outsource this aspect of your business to professional managed cloud service providers, like Redpalm, you will save a lot of time and money. 

Additionally, given that managed cloud services are a fixed expense, you will not have to worry about unexpected expenses and you can plan your business expenses better. 

2. Access to Greater Resources

When you resource your cloud management to Redpalm, you get access to greater resources than you would if you relied on your in-house IT team. This not only refers to better equipment but also our expert IT professionals, who are always available to you.

With our bespoke IT resources, you can rest assured that your data is safe and managed efficiently for your convenience. Thus, allowing your in-house IT team to focus on other necessary, day-to-day business processes.

3. Improved Cybersecurity

Regardless of the size of your business organisation, you can never be certain about cyber threats targeting your sensitive data. While you can take necessary precautions to enhance your cybersecurity, it can stop your in-house IT teams from focusing on other business activities. 

Therefore, with our efficient cloud management services, you can also employ enhanced cybersecurity services to ensure maximum protection. Under our managed cloud services, our experienced cybersecurity professionals will constantly monitor your cloud for security breaches. 

This will not only allow us to spot cyber threats early on but will also give us enough time to take the right actions to protect your valuable data. With our expert services, you can rest assured that your customer’s data is safe and secure at all times.

4. Disaster Recovery

By regularly making backups of your business data, we can make it easier for you to get your business back up and running, should a disaster occur.

Our exceptional disaster recovery services ensure faster business continuity to prevent potential revenue loss due to loss of data or a cyber attack.

5. Minimal Downtime

By employing our cloud management and security solutions, you can significantly minimise business downtime in trying times.

With efficient data recovery and business continuity protocols, we can help you make a faster recovery and provide your customers with a seamless experience.

Choose Redpalm for Efficient and Professional Cloud Managed Services

Now that you know all about cloud managed services, it’s time to get in touch with us. With our professional IT experts constantly working to prevent your business from cyber threats, we’ve got you covered.

At Redpalm, we believe in absolute customer satisfaction. That’s why, with our services, we provide you with a dedicated point of contact to address all of your concerns. 

What’s more, our wide range of IT services also includes managed IT services, cybersecurity solutions, technology procurement and so much more.

To learn more about our services, click here or get in touch with us now!