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3 Tips to Cyber Proof Your IT Environment During the Holidays

As businesses are often either closed or operating with minimal staff during the holiday season, they become vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. An unsupervised IT infrastructure gives cybercriminals an opportunity to attack.

The recent pandemic has resulted in numerous organisations working from home. This has also caused a few significant cybersecurity flaws that can be exploited by cybercriminals. If these malicious actors gain access to your business’ sensitive data, this could cause several expensive problems for your company.

Cybercriminals use various techniques, including phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering and more. You need to ensure that you and your employees are well aware of such techniques to avoid falling victim to them.

At Redpalm, our IT specialists can provide you with a wide range of cyber security services and solutions to help you protect your IT infrastructure security for the holidays. 

In this article, we’ve come up with a few essential tips to help you cyber-proof your IT environment during the holidays. Let’s take a look.

1. Conduct Cyber Security Awareness Training 

Cybercriminals often use manipulation to attack your IT infrastructure. This means that something as simple as clicking on a URL from an unknown sender can lead to a major cyber attack. 

During the holidays, your employees are more prone to cyber-attacks like phishing, social engineering or even charity fraud. For employees who will be travelling during this season, even connecting their devices to an unknown or unsecured network can lead to hacking.

By conducting training sessions, you can educate your employees about various cyber threats to help them understand how to avoid them. A training session can help you teach your employees to be cautious when receiving unusual or suspicious messages and links. At Redpalm, we offer cyber awareness training sessions and email phishing campaigns to help you educate and empower your employees.

Call us to assist you in improving your cyber security and increasing awareness about cyber threats.

2. Outsource Your IT Services

During the holidays, your internal IT team may be understaffed or too busy. As cyber-attacks can happen at any moment, regardless of the season, you’ll need to ensure that your business’ IT infrastructure is secure at all times.

By outsourcing your IT services to a trusted managed service provider, you can rest assured that your company’s IT environment and sensitive data will be in good hands. Our IT specialists at Redpalm can also provide you with the expertise needed to improve your defences against cyber security threats.

We can help you detect vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure through penetration testing. We will also provide you with advice and practical solutions to close all gaps, thereby limiting risks. 

Get in touch with us to help you protect your IT infrastructure security for the holidays.

3. Update and Diversify Your Systems

Regardless of the industry you work in, your company’s security systems will often be vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can damage the reputation of your business. An old and faulty security system could be an easy target for hackers.

That’s why you need to make sure that all elements of your company’s IT infrastructure are up to date. Our experts can assess your current IT environment to determine whether it’s prepared to block cyber attacks and keep your data secure.

Another effective holiday IT security tip is to avoid putting all your cyber assets into one location, as that makes it easier for hackers to access your data. Instead, you should spread your essential data across multiple accounts. This will slow down a cyber attack and give your IT team more time to prepare a defence. If your security systems are compromised, diversifying your systems will also minimise the damage to your business.

Contact Redpalm to Cyber Proof Your IT Environment During the Holidays

Looking to improve your IT infrastructure security for the holiday? Redpalm is here to reduce your holiday IT security concerns.

Our highly-skilled IT specialists have years of experience in the field and we can provide you with a wide range of IT services and solutions, including cyber security, data backup management, disaster recovery and more. 

With our technical expertise, we can tailor our IT services to suit your business requirements. We’ll also help you monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly, even during the holidays.

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