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Unified Endpoint Management—How it Takes Productivity to a New Level

There has been a significant rise in the number of devices used in business, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Due to this, it has become difficult for companies to keep their data secure. 
It isn’t easy to manage your assets when they’re shared with employees on a large scale. The best way to ensure your data and other corporate assets are safe is to invest in Redpalm’s Unified Endpoint Management solution, better known as UEM. 
However, you’d be wrong to think that UEM only provides security to your business. It also helps to increase data security, streamline your business and take your productivity to a whole new level. 
In this article, we’ll elaborate on how UEM boosts productivity, making it the right choice for your business. 
Let’s get started! 

1. Maximises Efficiency in Your Devices

One of the biggest benefits of UEM is that it reports on device activities, like battery usage, application updates and more. Consequently, in case of any technical issues, like glitches, errors or faults, you will receive remote support from our technical team. 
The head of the UEM can take a direct look at your devices, take screenshots and provide assistance to users. It helps your business to get the best out of its devices and improves workplace productivity. 
If you invest in Redpalm’s UEM services, we also help provide endpoint security to avoid any unexpected shutdowns. We’ll also help to get rid of possible vulnerabilities in your old software to ensure that your business runs smoothly. 

2. Easier to Onboard New Devices

A UEM solution helps to streamline the procedure of enrollment and helps your business to connect and add new devices. An admin can take in multiple new devices at once through an air deployment process from the UEM software. 
It makes it easier for your business to welcome new employees while keeping your data secure. On top of that, the admin can have a look at and create corporate applications, policies and configurations for the new devices.
It helps to enhance security and makes it easier for companies to take new employees on board. It also eliminates any security threats like ransomware that you could face from your ex-employees

3. Increases Efficiency in Users

Your IT team can look at the work of your employees and monitor any routes taken by them through the UEM software. You can also set up Geofences to avoid the usage of devices outside specific areas. 
If there are any breaches in security, the software will notify the admin immediately. This allows an increase in the cyber security of your business data and also helps to improve productivity among employees. 
The UEM software allows everyone to work without worries because it’ll take care of any technical issues. Additionally, due to efficient working, you will be able to gain up to 85% of savings on your time and resources. 

4. Manage From One Console

Business networks are typically connected to a large number of devices and platforms. However, Redpalm’s UEM software allows you to securely manage and monitor others from a single console. It helps to increase workplace productivity and data security. 
On top of that, you can simplify and automate how your business runs. Some major benefits of having UEM software for your organisation include easier addition of new devices, easier managing of applications, the ability to control and secure endpoints and more, from a singular device. 
This makes it easier to manage your business and employees without having to run around. It also empowers your organisation to provide a flexible and productive workplace

Contact Redpalm for Unified Endpoint Management Solutions

Now that you’re aware of how UEM can boost productivity for your business, you might want to consider using it. Here’s where Redpalm comes into action. You can consult us and we can help provide you with the UEM software you need to run your business. 
On top of that, Redpalm offers other managed IT services, hybrid IT infrastructures, cyber security and other services. We strive to use modern technology to ensure your business can be managed without any issues.
Trying to find ways to make your business more secure and work efficiently? You can book a free IT review and we’ll help you find solutions! 
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