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5 Benefits Of Cyber Essentials Certification

For the past few decades, IT has dominated and influenced businesses across different industries. As such, fortifying your digital defences has become paramount and protecting your business from the consequences of a cyber attack is a top priority for many businesses. 

The good news is that obtaining a Cyber Essentials certification is simple and can help you safeguard your business against common cyber threats. Designed by the government, Cyber Essentials is a cyber security certification that gives organisations a certain level of protection. 

Moreover, by receiving the Cyber Essentials certification, you can demonstrate your commitment to maintaining strong cyber security measures and protecting your staff and customers from online threats. 

However, many organisations are not aware of how to take advantage of the official certification to safeguard their organisation. 

In this article, we will explore some key benefits of the Cyber Essentials certification and how it can improve your business’s reputation and open up new opportunities.

Let’s begin!

1) Improves Your Security Processes

Cyber Essentials empowers your business with a coordinated defence strategy. Through emphasis on firewalls, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and security update management, it fortifies your digital defences. 

By addressing these five elements, your organisation can thwart common security threats and safeguard business operations and critical systems. Once you are accredited, you will be at a lesser risk of GDPR non-compliance and protected against common cyber security threats. 

The five defence categories act as a stepping stone to level up your cybersecurity game and set you up for future success.

2) Allows You to Work With Government Organisations

If you wish to work with organisations in the public sector and bid for government contracts, you will require a Cyber Essentials certification. 

One of the biggest benefits of Cyber Essentials is that it opens up new revenue streams and markets for your business. Furthermore, it is a non-negotiable standard of security that helps keep data secure and reduces the chances of a data breach. 

Having Cyber Essentials provides you with the opportunity to work on large-scale projects and establish positive and long-lasting relationships with public sector organisations.

3) Offers Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

Another benefit of Cyber Essentials that is often overlooked is its competitive edge.

With IT security concerns becoming more challenging and sophisticated, many customers and partners prioritise businesses that have tried and tested technical controls. By taking a practical and proactive approach to security, Cyber Essentials demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to robust cyber security.

Through Cyber Essentials certification, your business can stand out, attract more clients and focus on becoming an industry leader.

4) Builds Trust 

Cyber Essentials is a simple security measure that speaks volumes to customers. By securing this certification, you show your customers and partners that you are committed to taking cybersecurity seriously. 

Cyber Essential’s credibility is only further boosted by the fact that it’s been developed by the NCSC and backed by the UK government. After certification, your business will be listed on the IASME database of certified businesses. 

Moreover, you can also display the accreditation badge on your website. This helps improve your organisation’s reputation and strengthen your supply chain. After all, nobody wants their data to be endangered by a malicious attack or data breach. 

Alongside keeping your data and system protected, building trust is one of the many hidden benefits of the Cyber Essentials certification that help your business prosper. 

5) Prepares You for the Next Step

Once you’ve secured your Cyber Essentials certification, why stop there? There are plenty of other accreditations and certifications that you can pursue.

If you’re committed to enhancing cyber security for your business, consider taking things to the next level with Cyber Essentials Plus. Unlike the self-completed questionnaire approach of Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus involves rigorous system vulnerability tests and an independent verification process. Although it may take more time to secure, Cyber Essentials Plus is held in much higher regard and offers better security.

Additionally, ISO 27001 certification is another option your business could pursue following Cyber Essentials. The ISO framework is complementary to that of Cyber Essentials but takes further steps to protect your IT security systems. 

As you can see, securing Cyber Essentials certification is the first step towards establishing a stronger IT system and keeping your data secure. 

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Cyber Essentials is a simple yet effective way to protect your organisation, no matter its size, against various common cyber attacks. 

Cyber attacks come in many different forms, however, the majority are simple and carried out by unskilled individuals. The Cyber Essentials certification focuses on five key criteria to prevent these attacks and protect your data.

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