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Fibre Connectivity – Why it's the Right Choice for Your Business

Fibre-optic internet connectivity is a fairly new technology proven to be highly beneficial for businesses. It offers numerous advantages for businesses of all sizes, especially companies using cloud solutions for data storage.
If you’re a business owner, you’re aware of the disruptions and inconveniences caused by slow internet connections. In this digital world, to ensure that your employees stay productive and your business gains higher returns on investments, you need high speed internet.
Our IT engineers at Redpalm are here to advise you about the benefits of fibre connectivity and why it’s the ideal choice for your business.

What Is Fibre-Optic Internet?

In fibre-optic internet, the data travels through cables filled with thin glass or plastic fibres. This internet connection is about 20 times faster than cable internet. 
There are three types of fibre-optic internet connections i.e. fibre-to-the-node, fibre-to-the-curb, and fibre-to-the-premises. Each of these connections deliver internet connection at different speeds.

Benefits Of Fibre Internet

1. Speed

On a busy day of work, your company’s slow internet connection can severely impede the productivity of your employees. This will not only affect your business but also cause frustration among your employees and clients.
The speed of fibre-optic internet ranges from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps, making it much faster than other high-speed copper internet connections. 
Our IT experts can provide you with the best fibre leased lines to ensure that your business has high-speed internet at all times.
Call us to learn more about high speed connectivity and to forget what buffering is!

2. Cloud Access

Today, the majority of organisations use cloud software and solutions. Thanks to easy and convenient accessibility, it has become an essential business tool for apps and data storage. 
The high-speed bandwidth capabilities of fibre internet ensure that you will have quick access to all your cloud-hosted information through SaaS tools and other platforms.
The lack of delays in accessing important information will also lead to better service provided by your employees to your customers and potential prospects.

3. Reliability

An unreliable internet connection can cause major disruptions for your business. If your internet faces unplanned outages, it can bring organisational operations to a halt. 
As fibre is a lot stronger than copper, this internet connection is comparatively much more reliable than copper cables. One of the advantages of fibre-optic internet connection is that it cannot be easily damaged by weather conditions or human or electrical interference.
This means the physical connection will be secure and hard to tamper with. 

4. Higher Bandwidth

If your current internet connection has low bandwidth availability, it may not support the bandwidth demands of your company. This can lead to slow internet speed, pixelated video quality, and constant delays that will hinder your workflow.
In this case, your business would benefit from fibre-optic internet as it offers a significantly higher bandwidth availability. The speed of your fibre internet will not be compromised by an increase in bandwidth demands.
At Redpalm, we work with VPLS and MPLS network solutions to ensure high-speed connectivity as a part of our managed services for all things IT. Give us a call to become a part of our hybrid IT suite

5. Security 

With cable internet, it is relatively easy for hackers and information thieves to use various methods to gain access to your company’s important and confidential information. 
One of the best benefits of fibre connectivity is that it offers great protection for your company against cyber attacks. To penetrate fibre-optic internet, one has to physically cut the fibres, which would only result in the signal being lost. 
Aside from fibre optic internet, we can also provide you with a variety of other cyber security solutions to keep your business safe.
Get in touch with us to learn more about our IT services and digital solutions.

6. Cost-Efficiency

Using slow-speed and unreliable internet connections not only affects the productivity of your team but also results in losses for your business. 
With fibre-optic internet connection, you won’t have to worry about any internet-related problems affecting the smooth workflow of your business. Fibre internet can also increase the flexibility and scalability of your business by allowing you to move more services and applications to the cloud.
All of these advantages of fibre-optic internet can also result in potential cost savings for your business.

Contact Redpalm To Reap The Benefits Of Fibre Connectivity

Are you considering switching to fibre-optic internet connections for your business? Redpalm is here to help!
Our skilled IT specialists have years of experience in the field, and we offer a variety of IT services and solutions such as cyber security, disaster recovery, and more. We can provide you with a robust hybrid IT infrastructure tailored to meet the requirements of your business. 
Aside from designing and deploying this infrastructure, we will also help you monitor and maintain it to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.
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