Automate any process that’s manually executable on a client PC and then push out across your network!

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Webinar details

On the Webinar, Redpalm’s Adam White will give an introduction to Redpalm and our security innovation partner, baramundi, and provide a brief overview of the baramundi Management Suite, before Benjamin Cramphorn drills down into the baramundi Automate module, providing a walk-through of how this automation studio and intuitive script builder benefits our own Support teams and customer IT teams alike.

As Redpalm’s Senior Systems Engineer and UEM consultant, Benjamin will also conduct a short Q and A at the end of the webinar, answering any technical questions around how baramundi Automate streamlines the administration of applications across a range of Operating Systems, delivering highly efficient user and endpoint management.

At a Glance – baramundi Automate

baramundi License Management automatically detects software installations, reconciling them with your license information, making it easy to identify missing, expired or unused licenses.

– Creation of control files (transforms)

– Automates nearly every process manually executable on a PC

– Simple script creation via drag and drop

– Includes a standard set of commands

– Intuitive recorder for recording actions

– Can also control interfaces that do not conform to the user interface standard (e. g. Java interfaces)

– Context-sensitive help

– Step-by-step trial mode