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The Growing Risks of Sensitive Data Leaks Through AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence is undeniably becoming a hugepart of our business operations. With more and more AI tools being introduced into the market, utilising their power gives your business a competitive edge. 

It’s possible that if you haven’t already embraced AI tools, you could be falling behind. However, amid all the benefits that these revolutionary tools provide, it’s important not to overlook the very real and growing cybersecurity risks associated with them. 

As you integrate AI tools into your everyday operations, like in your browser, email, or document management, you are unknowingly making it your virtual assistant. This means it has access to your sensitive business data, which might include personal information about your customers, clients or even your employees. 

This exposure of your business information makes you vulnerable to new cybersecurity threats, putting your business data security at stake. Therefore, to make you aware of these threats we will take a closer look at the hidden problems AI can bring to the table and also a few practical recommendations to help you effectively mitigate these risks

Let’s safeguard your business against potential business data leaks through AI tools!

The Widespread Nature of AI Tools 

AI tools have become an integral part of our businesses, assisting and helping us to understand and analyse various aspects of our operations. One such infamous tool that is being extensively used by most businesses is ChatGPT. It has gained popularity for its ability to gauge human inputs expertly and accordingly generate human-like texts, be it for customer service, content creation, or creative writing.

Whilst the ability of these tools in terms of productivity and efficiency is unmatched, they bring along new sets of risks and challenges when it comes to the security of your business, including the potential for business data leaks. 

The Dangers of Sensitive Information Leaks

AI tools may make things easier for you by offering high productivity at the click of a button. However, there are risks when your employees overlook the importance of data security and input sensitive business data into them. Here are some potential risks related to business data leaks through AI tools that you should be aware of

Legal/Compliance Risk

Entering business data into AI tools can pose substantial legal and compliance risks, especially if it concerns confidential information like legal contracts. Contracts often contain highly classified terms and conditions that are essential to your business’ operations and success. When you upload these documents into AI tools without rigorous security measures, they become vulnerable to breaches of confidentiality. 

Data Exposure

The potential of data exposure eventually leading to breaches is increased tenfold when you input your sensitive business information into AI tools. If your business data consists of personal customer information like their addresses, bank details, medical history, etc, you should practise the highest standard of confidentiality. Even if such information is accidentally uploaded into AI tools the risk of privacy breach will escalate, potentially causing catastrophic consequences for your business’s reputation and potentially leading to legal repercussions.

Weaponized Responses

AI tools, particularly those powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), can be trained to provide responses tailored to your specific needs. However, if you constantly feed your business data into AI systems to get your desired responses and this data ends up in the wrong hands, it can potentially be exploited for generating harmful or weaponized AI responses.

Top 5 Strategies for Minimising the Risks of AI Tools

To enhance your business’s security and mitigate the risks of business data leaks associated with the use of AI tools, you can implement the following measures:

Creating a Robust Data Security Framework

Implement a business data security policy in your organisation, outlining the correct use of AI tools and the management of sensitive information. Ensure that all employees in your organisation are aware of the policy and clearly understand it. To keep up with the changes in technology and evolving security risks, update your policy from time to time. 

Provide Data Security Training for Your Staff

Educating your employees about the potential risks of data leaks stemming from sharing business data through AI tools and data security, in general, will help them to make informed decisions and be proactive about safeguarding sensitive data. Conduct regular training sessions to keep them informed about the latest developments in technology.

Use Safe AI Tools

To eliminate the risk of data breaches, new AI tools are being developed prioritising data security in their design. Be sure to select a tool that aligns with your specific security requirements and offers robust protective features. Additionally, consider solutions with the ability for local processing to reduce the likelihood of data being unintentionally exposed.

Control Access Over Sensitive Data 

Controlling and limiting access to your crucial business data is extremely important. You can achieve it by role-based access controls, enabling you to give control only to authorised employees. To keep a better tab on the security, consistently assess and revise access permissions. 

Control and Inspect AI Tool Usage

Set up a monitoring and audit system to keep track of the utilisation of AI tools in your organisation. This system will not only help you to identify potential data leaks but also unauthorised access to sensitive information. To ensure all employees are using AI as per your set policy, conduct a regular review of logs and reports. 

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Now that you are aware of the risks associated with using AI tools and effective strategies to mitigate them you can proactively safeguard your business against data breaches. However, even after implementing stringent security measures, the ever-changing technology can introduce new vulnerabilities that may put your business at risk. 

The best way to properly protect your company’s digital assets is to hire professionals, like our team at Redpalm. Our team has years of experience in cyber security and is well-versed in protecting businesses from cyber threats, be they intentional or accidental. 

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