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5 Reasons Why You Need A Cloud Management Platform

Cloud systems have become the main focus for multiple organisations looking to boost productivity and scale up business operations while maintaining cost efficiency. 

With its aid, businesses have been able to match organisational targets through regular optimisation and security. Moreover, the benefits of its improved flexibility and accessibility regarding remote work are not to be ignored.  

Today, many businesses want to make the most of the cloud and all it has to offer. However, operating in the cloud is not as simple as it may initially appear. 

As with any other technology, if not properly managed, cloud services can lead to reduced performance.

To obtain peak business efficiency, managing your cloud operations and resources is vital and the best way to do that is through implementing a cloud management platform (CMP). 

In this article, we’ve put together a list of five key reasons why your business needs a cloud management platform.

Let’s take a look!

1) Enables Centralised Self-Service Management

One of the biggest pain points of modern and complex cloud environments is a lack of visibility. However, this problem can be easily solved.

With the right cloud management solution, you can access advanced capabilities that enable self-service cloud resource management. Moreover, this is all possible through a single interface.

With the help of cloud management software, you will be able to both visualise as well as foresee the consumption of resources. This will allow you to easily identify if your resources are not being utilised correctly. 

Through its easy-to-use interface, a cloud management platform allows you to quickly access resources whenever needed.

2) Facilitates Automation Practices

The mark of a good cloud management platform lies in its automation tools and processes. In fact, the very nature of cloud-based services demands it. With the help of a cloud management solution, you can easily find and allocate the resources you need at any time, instead of spending time looking for them. 

The productivity of your organisation depends on streamlining challenging tasks and eliminating chances of duplicity and error to manage tasks efficiently. 

To help with both these endeavours, cloud management platforms use different architectures and policies to automate repeatable tasks, and thus improve workflow and productivity.

3) Streamlines Performance and Increases Quality of Service

When it comes to cloud platforms, the health and performance of your network infrastructure, software and systems is of utmost importance. 

With a cloud management platform, you can set up proactive IT performance monitoring as well as collect and review key analytics. Furthermore, you ensure that vital corrective actions are taken as swiftly as possible to reduce troubleshooting time while also boosting the quality of your service. 

Through all these measures, cloud management solutions help you achieve optimal system performance. 

4) Ensures Governance and Compliance

A good cloud management platform allows you to both oversee as well as effectively manage your IT assets. By allowing you to monitor who’s doing what within your infrastructure, you no longer need to worry about tracking and managing user permissions or enforcing policies. 

In the context of cloud management solutions, governance can be interpreted as the need to balance performance while safeguarding your network against financial, operational and security risks.

A cloud management system ensures that not only are the needs of your business processes and applications met, but that they are also compliant with the policies involved in using cloud services. 

By integrating with your business’ current security infrastructure, cloud management platforms can continuously inspect cloud-resource configurations. Based on this, they then reference the results with industry security and compliance standards. 

As a result, this allows you to improve governance and ensure compliance across key frameworks.

5) Protects Your IT Infrastructure

Compliance and security go hand in hand in protecting and safeguarding your IT infrastructure. 

With cloud management software, you can continuously scan your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and cyber threats and as a result, mitigate risks as soon as they appear. 

Furthermore, to ensure network security, you could consider implementing additional security measures like performing risk and vulnerability assessments, implementing cyber threat protection, etc.

By putting all these preventative measures in place, you can keep your data secure and safe with effective cloud management. 

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