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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Service Desk

An IT service desk plays a crucial role in making communication efficient between a company, its customers and its employees. If you’re looking to provide the best services to your clients and customers, you need to set up an IT support service desk. 

It helps your business manage tickets, tasks and communication through one point of contact. It makes it easier for you to provide a great customer experience. 

However, you need to be careful about setting up a service desk, as you need to integrate the function into your IT environment. For a seamless transition, we recommend taking the help of IT experts, like the ones at Redpalm.

There are some factors that you’ll need to keep in mind before you begin your service desk set-up. In this article, we’ll provide you with service desk organisation tips to make the process of set-up easier.

Let’s get started! 

4 Things You Need to Keep in Mind During Your Service Desk Set Up

1. Come Up With Proper Objectives

If you’re looking to create an efficient service desk for your business, you need to think about its scope and objectives. Some important points to consider include the types of services you’re looking to offer through the desk. 

After that, you need to think about the target audience and how you can cater to them through the service desk. This helps you realise the desired outcome that you are looking for from setting up a service desk. 

You can take the help of the IT experts at Redpalm to decide the goals you’re looking to achieve with services. We can also help you create an effective service desk that can benefit your business, making it more efficient. 

2. Avoid Lengthy and Inefficient Voice Menus

When you’re looking to make multiple service desks to provide a better experience, you have to direct calls to the right person. Due to this, many businesses tend to create complex menus to support routing. 

However, this can be annoying and tedious for a customer looking to submit their review and/or complaint. We recommend keeping menus as short as possible. Keep around four or five options on a level, and avoid having more than three levels. 

In other words, avoid using menus unless it’s necessary to get the routing you desire for your business. Make sure to provide unified communications amongst your team members and customers. 

3. Prevent Focusing on Wait Times and Call Length

If you’re looking to provide the best customer experience, keep the call times short. This helps customers get what they desire and the operation becomes more efficient and cost-effective. 

However, while wait times and call length play a crucial role in a service desk set-up guide, you also need to avoid focusing on them too much—it may prove to be counterproductive for your business. 

Don’t rush your customers out of calls to keep the average waiting time low. Instead, use multiple channels and make the best use of your staff to keep the phone volumes low. 

If you’re looking to provide a concise service desk, we recommend taking the help of the experts at Redpalm. We can provide you with service desk installation and other strategies to overcome competition

4. Build a Robust Knowledge Base

Having a solid knowledge base plays a crucial role in the smooth running of your service desk operation. However, it’s widely overlooked and businesses tend to miss out on additional benefits. 

These knowledge bases ensure that the service desk provides a consistent and effective customer experience. They also help to support automated services, like chatbots and self-service. 

Your service desk should provide a knowledge base and if it doesn’t, it should be turned into one. This process takes time and our technical team can help to provide the resources to build knowledge on your service desk. 

Contact Redpalm for Service Desk Support and Other IT Services

Now that you’re aware of the best way to get started with your service desk setup, it’s time to get the right professionals for the job. The IT experts at Redpalm have years of experience providing service desk support and other collaboration services to businesses in the UK. 

On top of that, we provide hybrid IT and cyber security services to help run your business smoothly. If you’re looking to develop your business and make it more efficient, investing in our services is the right choice. 

To learn more about us, check out our services page or contact us for a consultation today!