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Christmas Cyber Attacks: Why Hackers Get Busy During the Holidays

As the year draws to a close, businesses are bustling with activity, preparing to wrap up projects and getting ready for a well-deserved break. The anticipation of festivities and upcoming holidays adds a sense of joy and excitement to your workplace. However, while you are working to hit deadlines, there’s a group working diligently to take advantage of the distractions – cybercriminals.

Unfortunately, Christmas has become a peak season for hackers to launch cyber-attacks. While you may be busy enjoying quality time with family and friends, cybercriminals are exploiting any vulnerabilities they can find. Statistics reveal a significant increase in cyber-attacks during Christmas in the UK which emphasises the need for heightened awareness about the reasons for cyber attacks.

While you enjoy the festive season, it is equally important to stay alert during the holiday season. Keeping your business safe against potential cyber-attacks should be your top priority at this time of the year. 

To help you be vigilant during Christmas, we have listed five reasons why and how hackers are most active during the holidays. These reasons will not only increase your awareness but also help you change your habits for the better. 

Let’s get started!

1. Festivities Creates Year-End Workload Distractions

As you immerse yourself in the celebrations and rush to wrap up your professional responsibilities during the holiday season, your focus might shift away from essential cybersecurity practices.

However, it’s important to remember that hackers are extra alert during this period. They are waiting to seize any opportunity caused by the distractions of the festivities and year-end workloads.

You might forget to update passwords or let your guard down against phishing attempts which can, unintentionally, lead to a lapse in your cybersecurity awareness and as a result, an increase in cyber-attacks.

2. Christmas Break Reduces Security Staff 

During the Christmas break, your security staff may be reduced, offering a prime opportunity for hackers to increase their activities. As your employees take time off, the usual robust cybersecurity strategy in place may experience a temporary dip. This means there are fewer personnel available to monitor and respond to potential threats.

Cybercriminals often exploit this period of diminished staffing, knowing that the response time to security incidents might be delayed. To avoid this, consider implementing contingency plans, making sure that important security functions remain operational even with a reduced workforce. 

3. An Increase in Email Phishing Scams

This is the season for an increase in phishing emails. Hackers are creative and often play the holiday card, disguising their phishing attempts as festive greetings, irresistible offers, or urgent updates.

As you go through your inbox filled with holiday wishes and online shopping receipts, be alert. Hackers exploit the festive cheer, hoping you will click without a second thought. These phishing emails often imitate trusted sources, making it tricky to differentiate the real from the fake.

4. Employees Tend to Shop More

Lots of people tend to shop more during the festive season or in the run-up to the holidays. With everything available online now, many enjoy the convenience of browsing, purchasing and getting gifts and decorations delivered to their home. 

You or your employees might use the company’s network or devices to shop online, thinking it’s quick and efficient. However, this seemingly harmless activity can unknowingly expose your business networks and devices to increased cyber risks. Cybercriminals often target individuals who mix personal and professional activities on the same devices, leading to an increase in cyber attacks. 

5. Increase in Enticing Fake Offers 

Cybercriminals design deceptive schemes by including tempting offers, exclusive deals and discounts to trick unsuspecting individuals. In the rush to get last-minute gifts or take advantage of seasonal promotions, you might come across seemingly irresistible offers that have malicious intent.

During the holidays, watch out for fake deals in emails or on fake websites that pretend to be well-known stores. You are usually in a hurry during this period to get good deals so, you might not question them like you normally would. 

Be mindful that clicking on the wrong links or sharing personal information to get these fake bargains is one of the major reasons for an increase in cyber attacks during the festive season. 

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