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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Managed Backup Services

Cyber threats like ransomware, phishing attacks, and malware pose significant risks to your business data. With cyber crimes ever on the rise, every business is at risk, including businesses in the UK. 

A recent survey conducted by the UK government highlights that 32% of businesses had fallen prey to these malicious attacks last year, underlining the critical need for backup services for businesses.  

However, conventional on-premise backup solutions demand a lot of time and offer restricted storage capacity. Additionally, managing and maintaining backup systems every month can cost thousands of pounds. 

That’s why, now more than ever, your business needs managed backup services to keep your precious business data safe. Today we will share four significant benefits that make managed backup services ideal for your business if you deal with a lot of data. 

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Saves Noticeable Cost

Building and maintaining an in-house backup infrastructure is a huge investment, as it requires bringing in the necessary resources like equipment and additional staff. In addition to that, it also includes ongoing operational costs regarding system maintenance. One way to sidestep these expenses is investing in a subscription-based backup service which will help you to reduce the overall IT cost. 

At Redpalm, we offer backup services to businesses of all sizes. As backup-as-a-service providers, partnering with us significantly reduces the risk of data loss and downtimes that usually lead to revenue loss. 

Additionally, if you are a growing company, choosing a managed backup service for business instead of backup software will allow you to adjust your backup needs to match your changing requirements. This will save you from the expenses associated with over-provisioning for rare disaster scenarios. 

2. Added Security and Protection

Meeting IT compliance is even more crucial for industries like healthcare or finance where you deal with incredibly sensitive data. Managed backup services for businesses in these industries require multiple layers of protection like data encryption, replication and secure cloud storage solutions. 

However, there are many aspects to a business that need attention, which is why it becomes impractical for business owners to focus all their efforts on data security. That’s where we come in. When you partner with a reliable backup service provider like Redpalm, it adds an extra layer of protection and saves your data from falling into the wrong hands. 

As IT experts, we employ multiple data centres for storing duplicate data copies across multiple geographical locations. This enables us to avoid data loss when faced with challenges like natural disasters or system failures at a particular location. It offers you a distinct advantage over a single on-site backup solution. 

3. Reduced Downtime

Data loss can have many disastrous consequences for your business operation, including increased downtime and interruptions. One of the main benefits of outsourced backup services for businesses is their ability to act swiftly during a disaster. Equipped with the necessary resources they can quickly restore your data causing minimal or no downtimes, enabling your business operation to run smoothly.

Additionally, partnering with a managed backup service provider enables you to shield your data from cyber threats. This simply means that if your business ever comes under attack, you won’t need to halt your operations whilst working towards recovering your lost or stolen files. 

For instance, if you fall under a ransomware attack wherein your files and data are stolen or locked, you can resume business operations without wasting time and recompiling precious data. 

4. Provides Proactive Monitoring

Many businesses usually have a small in-house IT team managing the IT infrastructure to keep it secure. However, with growing threats of cyber attacks, providing a robust cyber security solution can be overwhelming for a small team consisting of two to three professionals. 

On the contrary, with the assistance of managed backup services, you can rest easy knowing that you have a vigilant team who is proactively monitoring your data centres, facilities and cloud storage. This proactive approach facilitates greater efficiency and swift resolution of potential problems.

Contact Redpalm for Resilient Managed Backup Services!

Cyber attacks, natural disasters and equipment failures can affect your business adversely and lead to unwanted interruptions. However, with a trustworthy and reliable managed backup service provider like Redpalm on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your data is secure during an emergency. 

The experts at Redpalm provide winning data backup strategies, allowing you to effortlessly scale your business whilst keeping it secure. 

We also offer various IT services to ensure your business can stay on top of industry trends and keep up with the latest technology. Some of our services include hybrid IT, technology procurement and cyber security

By partnering with our professional IT experts, we can provide everything you need to run and scale your business efficiently. 

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