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4 Ways A Hybrid Work Model Affects Your Business Cyber Security

The pandemic has reshaped our lives in unexpected ways. One aspect of our lives that has significantly changed is our work. 

With businesses struggling to survive, many were not able to keep up and were made redundant, unable to withstand the economic challenges posed by the global health crisis. To sustain in the volatile environment, entrepreneurs adopted new ways and strategies for their businesses

One such major shift that we all witnessed was the widespread adoption of remote working. To maintain continuity and balance, many businesses have also implemented the hybrid work model, which combines office and remote work. 

This working model offers flexibility and efficiency but still comes with both advantages and challenges. While the hybrid model supports work-life balance and expands talent pools, it also introduces the issue of cybersecurity for businesses

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1. Increased Attack Opportunities

The increasing adoption of the hybrid work model introduces an increased risk of cyber threats to your business cybersecurity. With more employees working remotely and using their personal devices and networks, this work environment has expanded the endpoints of your organisation. These broadened endpoints increase the vulnerabilities of your business that cybercriminals can exploit.

Security departments are required to handle the daunting task of securing all these endpoints, networks, and software applications, significantly increasing their workload. Your entire business can be exposed to breaches if they fail to adequately secure even one of these endpoints. 

2. Insufficient IT Team 

If you own a small or medium-sized business and are transitioning to a hybrid work model, keeping your security position strong is extremely important. However, as a growing business, you have limited resources, so you might want to allocate time and money to other essential areas of your business. 

A problem arises when you are tempted to cut costs by minimising your investment in a large IT team. As mentioned earlier, in a hybrid work model there is an increased risk of cyber threats which require additional efforts from your IT department to safeguard your business effectively. 

If you do not have a dedicated and adequately sized IT team to address all the endpoints, your business may become easy prey to potential data breaches, operational disruptions, and reputational damage. 

To address this issue, another option is to partner with a reliable IT service provider that can offer tailored solutions suited to the unique needs of your business’ cybersecurity

At Redpalm, we specialise in providing robust cybersecurity solutions for businesses of diverse scales. We ensure to protect your business against evolving cyber threats, helping you scale your business efficiently. 

3. Less Oversight by Security Staff

With your employees working remotely, the traditional oversight of security personnel is diminished. Unlike an office set-up, the IT team cannot keep a constant tab on the personal network of those working from home. The very nature of this work model shifts system access, network traffic, and data beyond the conventional perimeters of enterprise technology environments, putting your business’ cybersecurity at risk. 

With a hybrid work model, the devices and networks your employees use cannot be monitored. This gap in surveillance means that if there is a weakness, it will not be identified and therefore, may lead to a security breach. 

4. Poor Data Practices and Procedures

As more people work in a hybrid setup, there’s a higher chance that important data might be at risk. Employees, for different reasons, could save important data on their personal devices without clear protection. Trying to work faster, they might also share important company information using unsafe methods like emails.

To lower this risk, it’s crucial to have training programs that teach employees the right ways to protect data. By making sure everyone knows how to handle data securely, businesses can better protect against accidental data leaks. It will also encourage a culture where everyone takes responsibility for managing information properly.

Contact Redpalm To Secure Your Business from the Risks of a Hybrid Work Model

These are just a few risks that a hybrid work model poses for your business. Remote working benefits your business in multiple ways, however, to mitigate the risks involved,  hiring an experienced cybersecurity company becomes imperative as they can provide solutions necessary to fortify your digital defences.

At Redpalm, we boast a team of skilled cybersecurity professionals who are experienced in safeguarding countless businesses in and around Northampton. We can provide you with a resilient security plan, allowing you to effortlessly scale your business whilst keeping it safe. 

We also offer various IT services to ensure your business can stay on top of industry trends and keep up with the latest technology. Some of our services include hybrid IT, technology procurement and cloud services and hosting.  

By partnering with our professional IT experts, we can provide everything you need to efficiently carry out your business operations. 

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