Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

If something goes wrong with your IT infrastructure, it can quickly have major implications for the whole business. From a malware infection to a software crash, you could lose data, stall essential business functionality or compromise your security.

You can rely on Redpalm to respond quickly and calmly. Using our expertise and vast experience, we provide a suite of services to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

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Overview of the Disaster Recovery Solutions We Offer in Milton Keynes

With business’ growing reliance on all things IT, the threats to your operation and business data have increased significantly. This calls for you to be extra vigilant with the protection, security and recovery plans of your business network.

Accidental deletion of information, human error, cyber attacks, software failure and natural disasters are all risks that your business is exposed to, which makes having a robust, up to date and tested business disaster recovery plan a must!

At Redpalm, our business disaster and continuity planning for businesses located in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas are stress-tested to safeguard your IT environment from irreversible damage and have you back up and running as quickly as possible.

We offer comprehensive IT solutions that you can leverage to ensure that your business bounces right back from any major digital disruption with minimal repercussions and downtime on daily workflow.

  • Full Application and System Replication
  • Workload Recovery
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Data Backup
  • Public and Private Cloud Mobility
  • System Failover
  • Frequent Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Server Health Checks
  • Resilient Data Recovery
  • SaaS Backup
  • Data Control and Protection
  • Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions
  • SLA-backed Solutions
  • Data Restoration
  • Managed Recovery
  • G Suite Backup Solutions
  • Out-And-Out Failover Restoration

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DRaaS and SaaS Backup Solutions for IT Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity in Milton Keynes

At Redpalm, we understand that every business is unique meaning that each of our clients’ requirements is bespoke in terms of flexibility, urgency and security. We provide managed DRaaS solutions that ensure data backup and safety at all times.

The constant advances in cloud computing, storage and security has made DRaaS solutions integral to many business’ success. As a part of our DRaaS suite, we offer the hosting and replication of both virtual and physical servers managed by us to facilitate failover in case of a data breach or system failure.

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Solutions

With our DRaaS solutions, you can smoothly shift your operations to an alternative cloud environment without losing data or productivity. You can also leverage our automated IT infrastructure and take advantage of robust deduplication and instant file and data recovery at best-in-class speeds. 

When it comes to data protection and control, we offer foolproof backup solutions that can be integrated easily across most of your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solutions

While operating and administering SaaS platforms has many benefits, data backup isn’t always one of them. At Redpalm, we are here to fix that by providing robust backup systems that automatically integrate with your SaaS provider platforms. 

This puts you in the driver’s seat as you gain access to advanced levels of data protection and control over your Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and SalesForce CRM. Our SaaS cloud backups are automated so you only have to set it up once and forget about it. Since your data is stored securely off-site on the cloud, our SaaS solutions offer a safe second place to accommodate your data. 

In the event of data loss, our SaaS backup solutions assist you in recovering an exact copy of all your files from the required date and time which works, allowing you to pick up where you left off. 

As a part of our business cyber attack recovery planning, we offer regular data quality checks ensuring that you are in compliance with IT audit requirements. 

At Redpalm, we tailor your data protection requirements in line with your hybrid IT infrastructure expansion and cloud structure maturity to create a dynamic and proactive IT environment that works for your business. 

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Benefits of Milton Keynes IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

A business disaster recovery plan is used to restore and re-establish all affected/infected IT assets and infrastructure to ensure your business can continue running with minimum disruption and downtime.

Let’s take a look at the various benefits your business needs to be secure!

Significant Reduction in Restore Times with lower RPO and RTO

With Redpalm, your business will have the ability to restore and revive all your systems, applications and services in record time with noticeable improvements in RPO and RTO. As per the specifications listed under your DR plan, you could reduce restore times depending on your business requirements, which would be impossible without using a stress-tested disaster recovery solution. 

Restrict the Losses Caused Due to System Failure and Downtime

With our robust IT disaster recovery planning, you can put a cap on the losses you are likely to incur in terms of revenue damage caused by system downtime and any other technical expenditure. 

Maintain Business Reputation and Goodwill

If business security is compromised due to unexpected incidents, it could seriously injure your company’s reputation. With Redpalm’s cyber attack recovery planning, your business can benefit from short recovery times upholding your corporate image and integrity as an organisation with great backup solutions.

Granular Data Recovery Management

Our disaster recovery plans equip you to manage replications at a granular level. This means all of your lost or compromised data is restored at the base file-level when you need it. 

Zero to No Impact on Business Performance and Productivity

In the event of a system failure, disaster recovery activation is done instantly. This means business infrastructure replication initiates immediately having next to no impact on your daily workflow, operations and performance. Thanks to our robust disaster recovery suite, your systems are failed over and are constantly online. 

Disaster Recovery Customisation and Control

At Redpalm you have complete control over the customisation and monitoring of your disaster recovery and continuity plans. With our bespoke and personalised IT recovery solutions, you can establish the best recovery times for your business along with choosing the frequency of system replication. You will have complete control over your DR plans so you can tweak it as required. 

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You did back it up, didn’t you?

We have all felt that feeling of pure panic when things fail. We can ensure that panic is followed by that warm, relieving glow of reassurance when you remember your systems are safe and fully backed up.

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Why Choose Redpalm for Milton Keynes Disaster Recovery Planning?

Having a robust business disaster recovery plan is akin to having insurance for your IT network. For the sake of business continuity, having a regularly updated and reviewed IT recovery plan is essential.

With Redpalm, you benefit from having an accessible backup solution that can get your business up and running in no time with minimum downtime and disruptions. Having a cloud or a remote backup for all your business-critical activities nullifies any threat that cyber attacks and system failure present.

We assist you in developing backups and copies of all your business data in the cloud, determining faster recovery times. Our business continuity plans are easy to use and designed for scalability and security to acquire the maximum value for your business.

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