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Data Centre Relocation: 4 Tips to Find the Right Partner

Data centre relocation is the process of moving your business’ data centre equipment to a new location. This may be done if moving premises, wanting to expand your business or when downsizing.  

Relocating your data centre is a big decision and will almost always result in downtime or interruptions in your business. 

If you’re planning to relocate your data centre, there are several factors that you should consider and thoroughly plan before moving ahead. At the same time, you need a reliable IT partner like Redpalm, who can do the bulk of the job for you, without any major errors. 

But before you contact us, you should be aware of the important characteristics that an expert IT partner should have for a successful data centre transfer. To help you out, we’ve made a list of tips that will help you make the right decision.

Let’s get started!

1. Expertise in the Field

The main factor that will help you in finding the perfect partner for your data centre relocation is checking the experience and expertise they have in the field. If you are considering a partner, try to find out if they have worked on similar projects like yours. This is necessary to make sure they are capable of handling the challenges that they will face while handling your business. 

You can learn more about their services and style of working by reading reviews, testimonials and case studies of their past clients. Additionally, make sure that your intended partner has IT experts, project managers and logistics personnel who are experienced in data centre relocation. This thorough inspection may seem too much but ask as many questions as you need before making your decision. 

2. Range of Services

If your data centre relocation project is part of business expansion, you need a partner that can cope with your growing business needs. You need a partner with wide ranging IT experience, that goes beyond simply data relocation and who can give you the support and guidance you need to expand.

How can you be sure if they can? One way to ensure your partner has the right expertise is by carefully going through the range of services they offer. Lastly, understand what additional help and support your partner will give – for example, do they solely help with set-up at your new location, or do they assist you with removing packaging, logistics and dismantling your old setup?

At Redpalm all our services and plans have been designed to serve our client’s business needs in the best possible way. Contact us today to get a tailor-made data centre relocation plan!

3. Ability to Manage Risks

The right data centre relocation partner can take your business to the next level, ensuring a smooth and stress free experience with minimal disruption.   Relocating your data centre yourself comes with risks, which can be effectively reduced by choosing a trustworthy data centre relocation partner, as a reliable partner will always have a well-planned risk management plan in place. So, enquire how they handle different issues that may arise during the transfer like security breaches, data loss, damage etc.

In addition, having insurance coverage is not just an added advantage, it’s essential. It’s essential to ensure that your partner provides comprehensive coverage for liability, equipment damage and data breaches. Whilst it’s incredibly unlikely you’ll need it when working with an experienced partner like Redpalm, however, it will put your mind at peace knowing you have financial protection during the relocation process.

4. Budget and Cost Transparency

When selecting the right partner for your data centre relocation, understanding the budget and the overall cost involved is very important. You would need a trustworthy partner, who is open and transparent about the pricing of their services and will give you a clear breakdown of the cost involved in the entire relocation process. This breakdown should cover everything from equipment transportation and setup to potential unforeseen expenses, enabling you to decide if you can avail their services under your set budget.

A reliable partner like Redpalm, will not only be transparent about the costs but also explain the reasons behind them, ensuring you understand how each individual expense will help in the overall success of the relocation. In addition to that, we will guide you in making cost-effective choices that don’t compromise the integrity of the relocation process, ensuring a smoother data center relocation process.

Contact Redpalm Today for a Winning Data Centre Relocation Plan

While carrying out data centre relocation, you need to hire a professional team to ensure that these changes meet your requirements. At Redpalm, we understand your business needs to provide you with the best services and plans for your situation. 

We also provide technology procurement, cyber security, data backup and disaster recovery and other services. Our experts can help you to keep your business secure while taking steps to stay ahead of the competition.

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