Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

If something goes wrong with your IT infrastructure, it can quickly have major implications for the whole business. From a malware infection to a software crash, you could lose data, stall essential business functionality or compromise your security.

You can rely on Redpalm to respond quickly and calmly. Using our expertise and vast experience, we provide a suite of services to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

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Overview of the Disaster Recovery Solutions We Offer in Leicester

It is absolutely essential to have a tried and tested IT disaster recovery plan in place to fall back on to minimise downtime and resume work as usual in case your IT environment faces an outage or loss of data.

Depending on your requirements, at Redpalm we provide an extensive suite of IT services and backup solutions to Leicester businesses and surrounding areas to ensure business continuity no matter how severe the issue.

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  • Full Application and System Replication
  • Workload Recovery
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Data Backup
  • Public and Private Cloud Mobility
  • System Failover
  • Frequent Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Server Health Checks
  • Resilient Data Recovery
  • SaaS Backup
  • Data Control and Protection
  • Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions
  • SLA-backed Solutions
  • Data Restoration
  • Managed Recovery
  • G Suite Backup Solutions
  • Out-And-Out Failover Restoration

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Steps for Leicester Business Disaster & Cyber Attack Recovery

If your business network suffers downtime due to a data breach or system failure, your workflow is typically disrupted. As a part of our business disaster and continuity planning, we ensure that your business recovery following a major event is minimised, ensuring recovery as quickly as possible.

In the event that your business suffers from a cyber attack, we use a runbook and checklist to work with you to revive your IT environment and stay ahead of the curve.

Following our tried and tested steps for disaster recovery, we ensure your operation is running and secure whilst addressing the root issue to reduce the chances of it happening again in the future.

Evaluate the Problem

When a disaster strikes, emotions are likely to be running high. The professionals at Redpalm can help calmly assess the situation at hand and ask some questions to get to the root cause of the cyber attack or system failure:

  • Is the issue localised and limited to only one device or machine or has it affected your entire network and system?
  • Have important documents and files been deleted or corrupted?
  • Are your client devices or servers down?

Every IT disaster is different, which is why the approach for business continuity and recovery is likely to be unique to the situation at hand. 

The proficient IT technicians at Redpalm can help you understand any issues with your infrastructure and network as we highlight the remedial disaster recovery measures. 


Determine Your Business Continuity and Recovery Goals

IT recovery is what differentiates Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions from a generic backup product. Our experts understand this which makes it easy for us to strategically plan your road to recovery. 

Taking into account the bespoke requirements of your business, we:

  • Map out how to restore your system and data
  • Identify business-critical systems and data while prioritising IT recovery tasks
  • Ascertain the exact point (date and time) from where the data needs to be restored
  • The time it will take to recover the compromised data and systems


Determine Your Disaster Recovery Plan

As a part of a quick, smooth and successful business disaster recovery plan, the right procedures must be followed. Depending on your business and industry, we will ascertain the best approach for your IT recovery that includes:

  • File and Folder Restoration
  • Off-site Virtualisation
  • Local Virtualisation


Verification with Other Users and Endpoints 

Once your disaster recovery plan has been determined, we test it to ensure it functions correctly across users and endpoints. To ensure a successful business disaster recovery, we:

  • Test Network Connectivity and Viability
  • Ensure smooth accessibility of applications, resources and software to all users who are a part of your virtual network.


Perform IT Recovery Assessment

Once the worst has passed , we work with you to evaluate the measures taken to resolve the issue. This allows us to analyse the IT solutions that work for your business which can be used in the future in a similar situation.

We work with you to assess:

  • The way your internal teams and IT department handle the system collapse
  • The root cause of the system and network failure
  • The ongoing technical issues that need to be addressed
  • Steps to react and perform better in future disaster recovery situations

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Cyber Disaster Recovery in Leicester - Cloud Management and Customisation

By working with Redpalm you gain access to robust and highly efficient cloud management solutions and with high levels of customisation.

With our cyber attack recovery and continuity planning solutions, we bring to you well-rounded IT options that combine high-yielding virtualisation with universal cloud storage, meaning your business-critical information is safely stored across multiple servers.

Redpalm’s IT infrastructure protects business networks and systems in IT environments both on-premise and in the cloud.

Our 24/7/365 network monitoring and management allows us to troubleshoot problems before they affect end-users or third-party systems.

Orchestration of Disaster Recovery with Runbooks

At Redpalm, we test and automate your disaster recovery plans as we establish best practice system recovery, keeping in mind the interdependencies between your software, hardware and other applications.

Backup-based Replication of IT Infrastructure

When compared to sophisticated and expensive replication technologies, with Redpalm, you can benefit from minimal downtime and reasonable restoration costs.  

Automated Disaster Recovery Scenario Stress Testing 

We assist in corroborating the integrity, security and robustness of your business disaster recovery plans by conducting runbooks in simulated test-modes. We also conduct isolated testing of your core systems and services. 

Encrypted Backup and IT Support

With our advanced ransomware protection across endpoints, network and backups, you can safeguard your own and your client’s data and other business-critical information. We use advanced data encryption, network-based logins, multi factor authentication and more to add additional layers of security to your network. 

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You did back it up, didn’t you?

We have all felt that feeling of pure panic when things fail. We can ensure that panic is followed by that warm, relieving glow of reassurance when you remember your systems are safe and fully backed up.

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Why Choose Redpalm for Disaster Recovery Planning?

If your business faces a substantial outage, a robust disaster recovery environment is integral to ensure that systems, data platforms and mission-critical applications are quickly restored.

Disaster recovery planning is crucial for business longevity as it ensures minimal disruption, downtime and loss of data in the event of a disaster. At Redpalm, we create backups and copies of all your business data in the cloud, determining faster recovery times while spending less on system updates and storage.

Our business continuity plans are easy to use and designed for scalability and security to acquire the maximum value for your business.

Our IT and disaster recovery solutions ensure that you stay in the game, ahead of your competition with minimal risk of system failure and downtime.
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