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Do your systems and network seem slow? Does your IT department spend the majority of their time trying to fix IT issues? Do you even have an IT department?

Say goodbye to slow technology and infrastructure and free up your time by handing the reins of your technical issues to our experienced IT support team.

By partnering with the right IT support company, we work with you to solve tech issues quickly and efficiently, meaning you have more time to focus on what you do best!

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Overview of our Leicester IT Support Solutions

To ensure that you keep your business network up, running and as secure as possible, it's crucial that your IT support doesn’t take a backseat.

If your business has any digital components you need a robust IT strategy in place to make sure you're not exposing yourself to cyber risks, downtime or inefficiency.

Below we talk more about our specific services and how we help Leicester businesses maximise their IT performance.

  • 24/7 1st, 2nd, 3rd Line Support
  • IT Security
  • IT Service Desk Support
  • Vulnerability Management
  • IT System & Network Monitoring
  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
  • IT Infrastructure Audit & Management
  • Budget Planning
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Backup & DR Planning
  • Cloud Migration & Management
  • User Training
  • Security Training
  • IT Relocation
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Systems Health Checks
  • IT Consultancy

Redpalm’s IT Support primarily focuses on monitoring corporate networks, maintaining IT infrastructure, installing and configuring computer systems and running diagnostics of hardware and software for organisations across Leicester and surrounding areas.

Our IT experts understand that there’s more to technical support than just fixing problems. It’s about optimising the usability and performance of each and every endpoint and component that’s a part of your IT environment. 

As the leading IT professionals in Leicester, we know the security solutions that will work the best for your business. 

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The perfect recipe for recovery

It’s not about failing, it’s how you recover that counts. When was the last time you performed a disaster recovery test and everything went according to plan? We can build your unique recovery recipe using our carefully concocted mix of knowledge, expertise and experience.

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Save Time and Money With the Right Leicester IT Support

Redpalm has been offering robust IT support to businesses in Leicester for over a decade. By partnering with us, you can leverage the best in class IT solutions that are fully customised to suit the needs of your organisation and employees.

Our fully certified and highly knowledgeable IT team has hands-on experience in delivering incredible accountability and responsiveness.

With a seamless blend of our leading IT support services and highly qualified and experienced professionals, we offer your business an unrivalled level of flexibility and customer service.

Proactive Cyber Security

With the decentralisation of IT and rapid increases in the number of cyber attacks, it’s become crucial for every service desk to have strict cyber security processes in place to protect sensitive information and keep your business up and running at all times.

At Redpalm, we provide you with proactive cyber security solutions and vigilantly monitor all your devices and systems for potential risks. Our IT team has the potential to not only identify vulnerabilities quickly but also to resolve them before they cause any disruption to your everyday operations.


24/7/365 Service Desk

Our Leicester IT support service desk is available round the clock to offer immediate assistance to your employees and resolve other IT issues spotted by our system monitoring solutions, often before they affect your workflow.

With the assistance of our 24/7/365 service desk, you can rest assured that your business functions as usual and with minimal system downtime.


Flexible IT Support

We understand that no two businesses are the same and that you may require different levels of service.

While some organisations may partner with an IT support company to improve their in-house IT teams’ capabilities, others might want us to work with them as their primary IT department.

At Redpalm, it’s our technology and experienced professionals that enable us to offer you flexible IT support that’s tailored to your business needs.

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Grow Your Business With Our Dynamic IT Network Support Services

In the digital era, a well functioning and robust network is essential to keep your business operational. Lacking the required services, products and IT infrastructure can severely hamper your business growth.

At Redpalm, we offer scalable, reliable and bespoke IT network support to organisations of all sizes along with our IT support services.

Our IT Network Support Solutions

We offer an array of network support services to our clients including:


IT Network Security

With cyber threats increasing at a rapid speed, network security has become essential to ensure your organisation is always on the driver’s seat.

Redpalm offers you top of the line IT network support services to help you consistently monitor your servers, quickly discover new vulnerabilities whilst simultaneously keeping potential cyber threats at bay!


Network Infrastructure Management

The key to your organisation’s success is having a network infrastructure that’s both robust and in line with your business objectives.

Our IT specialists, therefore, offer network infrastructure management services that are specifically tailored to your business, your products and services, and your customers’ demands.

We also work closely with your business to conduct regular infrastructure audits and resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Remote Network Monitoring

As your dedicated IT support company, we offer remote network monitoring services that can help discover and fix IT issues without having to visit your workplace.


Why Leverage Our IT Network Support?

Redpalm prides itself on offering exceptional customer service alongside scalable and tailored IT network support to all our clients.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service, instead we work closely with your business to understand your industry, needs and customer base and then provide fully customised solutions that can help grow your business.

With our extensive IT network solution portfolio, you can leverage any service that your organisation needs. You can choose from an array of solutions like remote diagnostics, uptime SLAs (service-level agreements), IT network installation and other full-time or ad-hoc services.

Backed by certifications, accreditations and customer service-driven ethics, our flexible IT network support can help monitor and update your servers while helping protect you from potential cyber threats.

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Empower Your Employees IT Security Skills With Our Leicester IT User Training

With the need for robust IT systems for modern companies, your staff need to be IT trained and aware of any cyber threats to your business.

At Redpalm, we offer user training services catering to employees at all levels. Our IT team can empower your staff about the latest cyber security procedures and how they can safeguard confidential business-critical information while increasing their overall efficiency.

Why Invest in IT User Training?

In the digital age, with technology constantly evolving, it’s become essential to ensure that your employees are up-to-date with the latest IT security solutions.

While it’s crucial to have robust IT infrastructure in place, your business cannot afford to fall behind in terms of the latest technology. That’s where Redpalm can make all the difference.

We offer exceptional user training to your staff and assist them in maximising the usage of IT systems in a safe manner. We can also help you optimise your systems to ensure that they don’t disrupt your employees’ everyday tasks.

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What does this button do again?

We all get excited about new technology. Most IT consultancy companies do good installations, creating a real buzz about your new investment. But afterwards, they disappear, leaving you scratching your head as to which bit does what and why. We don’t do that. We provide training that sticks and support that lasts, so you’ll always know precisely what that button does.

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Why Choose Redpalm for Your Leicester IT Support?

Are you facing issues with your internet connectivity or speeds? Is your MS Office not operating properly? Are you finding it difficult to install new software or hardware?

At Redpalm, no matter what your IT pain points are, our professional IT consultants can take the lead to ensure that your organisation runs smoothly with minimal disruption. We meticulously plan your ideal IT support solution and are always ready to go the extra mile to help you avoid expensive interruptions to your daily operations.

We also boast a knowledgeable team that delivers trusted and independent IT support services to businesses in Redpalm and surrounding areas.

If you’re looking for professional assistance for your IT issues, then contact our experienced team today!