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The Cyber Devil is in the detail

Many don’t realise that most security breaches are easy to protect against including those large scale ransomware attacks, such as WannaCry in 2017, and the onslaught of continued breaches that damage the reputations of so many private and public sectors organisations.

What is required, however, is a streamlined approach to patching, system deployment & device security. The bringing together of these functions is commonly referred to as Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), which analysts consider to be an essential aspect of securing and efficiently managing the IT landscape.

Recent events have taught us that whilst advanced Cyber threats exist, it is often only simple and mundane processes that are required to protect an organisation from attack. However, these simple tasks are not always completed on time or scheduled correctly. This is normally due to the management of endpoints being still a largely manual and time-consuming process.

Inefficient methods to secure endpoints can be due to budget pressure and/or a lack of awareness that automation methods and solutions exist that can streamline how IT is able to centrally manage the security and standardisation of devices and versions.

The baramundi Management Suite is a leading Automation solution, which makes sure IT teams get the detail right, without the hassle.

Join us and discover

– The baramundi software suite

– Live technical demonstrations

– Interactive workshops

– Question and answer sessions



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Welcome and Introduction


Sean Herbert – Country Manager UK, baramundi and Christian Kaufmann – International Development Manager, baramundi – A brief look at the Unified Future: An overview of where businesses may see challenges in the year ahead and how baramundi are adapting and innovating accordingly to address customer needs.


Sean Herbert – Country Manager UK, baramundi – Introduction to baramundi Management Suite: A live demonstration of the baramundi Suite covering all modules and their relation to you as a business.




Felix Zech – Senior Technical Consultant, baramundi Windows 10, The Last OS: A look at the unique challenges presented to IT Teams by the implementation and management of Windows 10.


Adam White – Senior Client Manager & UEM Specialist, Redpalm – Baramundi in the Business: A practical use case of Baramundi in a working environment, its simple implementation and an explanation of why it was the chosen solution delivered by Redpalm Technology Services.


Coffee Break


Felix Zech – Senior Technical Consultant, Baramundi – Secure Windows 10 Devices with Bitlocker from a central console. Learn how to monitor and automatically secure your Windows 10 Devices using Bitlocker within the baramundi Management Suite.


Conclusions and Questions


Stadium Tour