Redpalm’s range of Solutions are targeted at offering customers the means to implement effective and progressive technology changes within their business - to a deadline and within budget.

Make Virtual Desktops a reality

Desktop Virtualization or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), is an alternative desktop delivery model that allows users to access desktops running in the datacenter. Redpalm VDI solutions offer a comprehensive range of technologies from our VDI partners, including but not limited to Citrix, Vmware, and Microsoft.


VDI is the latest in a string of technologies that are re-shaping IT strategy within the business. Conceptually of course it’s nothing new-under-the-sun, but advances in technology have made it an effective delivery model. If you haven’t already considered it, it’s likely you will be over the next few years, as the potential cost-savings, flexibility, green credentials, and increased manageability are too great to not give it some serious thought. However the numbers don’t always stack up for everybody, which is why at Redpalm, we can help you to separate the facts from the hype. We offer all our customers a Free Strategic Review to determine whether VDI is right for your business.

What is it

Put simply, VDI is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a VM (Virtual Machine) running on a centralized server. It’s best to think of it as a means of separating the PC desktop from the visual display and input devices. The “virtualised” desktop is stored on a remote server, but the operating user accesses the desktop as if it were stored locally on their device. The remote server compresses, encrypts and encodes the entire computing experience at the server and transmits it 'pixels only' across a standard IP network to any device. PCs and workstations can be centrally managed at the server while providing high-res graphics, HD media, with USB peripheral interoperability remotely over a WAN, or locally over your LAN.

How we can help

Redpalm VDI Solutions encompass the major virtualisation vendors; Citrix, Vmware, and Microsoft. We provide our customers with the best-in-breed technology and make sure that we are with them every step of the way. Our Virtualisation experts are always on-hand to field any questions and design a solution that fits your business. We can show you live demos and fully test a proposed solution prior to implementation from a purpose built proof-of-concept datacenter. Qualifying customers can even save upto 50% off the estimated retail price on Microsoft VDI Standard Suite and Citrix XenDesktop VDI Edition.

A Redpalm designed VDI Solution will enable all your IT resources to be consolidated within the datacenter, benefits include:

  • A reduction in cost of client hardware as no computing is required at the client end.
  • Great green credentials; client machines can be re-used and recycled.
  • Pixels are transmitted, not data, so low network bandwidth and increased security
  • TCO is significantly reduced and provisioning, maintenance, and support of desktop PCs is eliminated.
  • Our solutions Best user experience of any remote display technology. An uncompromised desktop experience makes remote access viable for all types of users, regardless of their computing needs.

Our team of experts are on-hand to answer any questions you might have on VDI, and would welcome any opportunity to discuss the specific needs of your business. To take advantage of our Free Strategic Review on VDI, then simply get in touch and we will be delighted to go through everything with you.