Redpalm’s portfolio of value-added IT services are designed with one goal in mind; to deliver real-world benefit to your business.

Allow us to introduce SAM …

Our dedicated team of SAM consultants will advise on how to reconcile inventory data, discuss what discovery tool to use based on your unique needs, and ultimately help to identify how you can understand your base line license position.

As software licences are assets, they need to be controlled and managed to ensure that you achieve the best value from them. Each business needs to know what software it has, which licences it holds, the devices on which the software is deployed and which upgrades the organisation qualifies for. Only by having this information can you ensure that your business is legally compliant and fully up to date with its software and security patches.

An effective SAM strategy removes the headaches and reduces the time taken to ensure that you are up to date with all software licences and that you′re not over- or under-licensed. Sam will help you to get on the right path, making compliance much easier to manage.

Whether you′re looking for a fully managed service, or simply want help on identifying your current inventory, Redpalm can help ensure that you are fully compliant and have complete control of your software estate.

Contact us today to talk about how our SAM experts can help take away the headache of Assett Management and give you peace of mind that your business is fully up to speed when it comes to SAM.