Redpalm’s portfolio of value-added IT services are designed with one goal in mind; to deliver real-world benefit to your business.

redCloud - a Secure Private Cloud

redCLOUD enables you to take advantage of a Private Cloud without the need to “buy, build and manage” it yourself. We invest in the hardware so you don′t have to, you simply reep the benefits.

With the ability to scale up or down depending upon demand, redCLOUD offers flexible Hosted Services with a human touch. Through recognizing the demand for a Cloud service that doesn′t hide behind email-only customer service, we′re here to help you with all the customer service and support you need. We understand that moving to a cloud solution for something like email is a big step, and that′s why we feel it is exactly the sort of area where customers need all the help, guidance, and support they can get. Unlike many services on the market, redCLOUD is a on demand service backed up by a company that you can pick up a phone and call.

You can choose to put as little or as much of your business apps into redCLOUD, we can tailor the service to suit your needs and are always looking for new ways to make the service as relevant to your business as possible, so if there′s a particular app that you′d like to see hosted, please tell us and if we will be happy to talk to the software provider to discuss ways that we can make it work for you.

Hosted Email

Provides flexible, secure, and completely scalable Email from a partner you can trust (and talk to). Low-cost monthly subscription per user.

Hosted Sharepoint

Organise all your business information in one place, and access it from anywhere with Hosted SharePoint, Microsoft's versatile organisational tool, makes business collaboration easy, fluent and intuitive.

Hosted Sage

Users simply navigate to a secure web address (all systems use SSL/VPN) and sign into a portal, following which they access a Windows desktop on servers in our hosting centre.

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Through Desktop Virtualisation technology, redCLOUD can create a desktop for any user and store the desktop profile centrally. Allow your users to access their desktops from ANY capable device, freeing up costs for support and procurement.