Our Partners

Redpalm works with over 300 hardware and soft033ware vendors to ensure our customers are able to make informed decisions based on market intelligence that has weighed up every relevant option.

Offering impartial expert advice requires a whole-of-market approach, and that is why we see our role as one of matchmakers, aligning the best technology solution to exactly match a customer’s objectives. If there is a particular vendor that you require any information on or want to obtain pricing, please contact your account manager or call 0333 006 3377 and we’ll be happy to let you know whether we have experience in working with them, or whether we can engage with them and source a product for you.

Alternatively to be sent a line card detailing all the vendors we are accredited with simply email vendors@redpalm.co.uk and you will receive a contact card containing a list of each of our vendor partners so you can search for vendors quickly and easily in your contacts.