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baramundi software AG

  • Is your ability to provision new users or refresh client hardware complicated and time consuming?
  • Do you have a full overview of the status of your network and individual devices at all times, and are you able to enforce security rules on all devices across different OS platforms?

At Redpalm, we understand the value that intelligently automated installations and the smart deployment of software can bring to the efficiency of our clients operations. A software suite of tools that we use internally as part of our imaging and deployment service, is the baramundi Management Suite. This is also available for sale to our clients who wish to manage their own deployments and patch management.

The software is licensed in a flexible way to suit the needs of our clients, and as such can be licensed on a perpetual or subscription model.

One of the unique capabilities of baramundi versus other central management software, is that it is OS agnostic automation software, making it an ideal choice of imaging software for Mac and Windows.

The software scales nicely too. Due to its simplicity, it works well within SMB, but is also successfully used in organisations with thousands of workstations across, in some cases, more than one hundred site locations.

As an automation software for PCs, Servers, and Mobile Devices, it provides central management software of Mac and Windows, and supports the Apple device enrolment program, and can handle automatic installation of operating systems and applications in Windows and Mac environments.

This simplifies the management of client infrastructures that include a mix of both Mac and Windows machines, and negates the need to run 2 separate imaging tools, which greatly improves deployment efficiencies for the central IT team.

baramundi Software AG is a German-owned business founded in 2000 out of a University project, and headquartered in Augsburg. The company has over 1900 customers with an install base of over 1 million. baramundi is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner.

Redpalm are the implementation partner for baramundi in the UK, and holds the baramundi Competence Center of Excellence Gold accreditation. We used the software in-house within our own config center as part of the deployment services we offer, and our engineers were very impressed by its ability to drastically simply and in turn speed up our deployment capability. As such, we have subsequently trained several engineers, who have each undergone comprehensive Technical training at the baramundi head office, so we are able to assist and, where required train our customers, on how to deploy machines in the most efficient way possible. Whether making use of Redpalm's deployment services or purchasing/subscribing to the software for their own use.

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Future-proof your central management: as PCs, smartphones, and tablets are drawing ever closer together, an integrated solution for managing all devices ensures the greatest possible flexibility.

  • any software in a matter of minutes
  • Eliminate difficult repackaging processes and use wizard-based tools instead
  • Manage your mobile devices and MACs with the same software as your Windows PC clients
  • Accelerate and simplify OS-installation and migration scenarios significantly
  • Detect crucial software vulnerabilities and other security issues in your network.
  • Reduce cost by identifying unused expensive software licenses
  • Reducing energy consumption by reporting energy usage across your client devices